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Here it is, as promised, probably still in a fetal form.  "For Sure" may well be reworked and re-posted on this site, but here's the working copy for you to check out.  The B-sides to this single are all new Pine Tarts demos, just so you know we haven't been sitting around on our duffs pretending like we have songs.  We don't really like the idea of posting them before their finished, but the planned-for B-side, a live version of "Little Sandwiches" had several problems with the recording that we were unable to resolve.  Eventually, however, that song WILL be the B-side to this release, and as soon as it's done these un-sung demos will be removed until they are finished to a sloppy point that we're satisfied with.
Click on the song you want to download below.  Perhaps to save to your computer you'll have to do a right-click, "save as" type deal.  The art to the single is also here for you.  Back on , please tell us what you think of our shabby new demos.  WE NEED A PRODUCER.  If you know one, send em our way. LOVE PiNE TARTS xXXxOOOooO


click here to download the CD cover art to the "For Sure Demo Single"

O1 For Sure (demo 06)

O2 Build (pre-vocal demo)

O3 With Her (pre-vocal demo)

O4 Indian Summer (pre-vocal demo)

O5 For Sure (storm demo)

copyright 2005-2006 Jesse J. Powell